Leigha Marina cards are original, custom-designed, printed, and hand-packaged in the USA. We print our cards on heavyweight uncoated cardstock, making writing easy and smooth without smearing as the paper dries instantly.

The adorable penguin characters we offer on our printed cards come to life as cartoons in our original animations and music. We write, compose, produce, and animate songs for kids and children's nursery rhymes.

In February 2022, we received the YouTube creator's award, "the silver play button."

We carefully craft our music and animations for our youngest audiences, so you'll find that all of our lyrics and animations are super kid-friendly and suitable for any age. To see our nursery rhymes cartoon songs, visit youtube.com/LeighaMarina

Leigha Marina Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs, Vol. 1 Album

Colorful party invites with envelopes. Flat style, non-folding, printed on heavyweight uncoated cardstock. Writing is easy and smooth without smearing as the paper dries instantly.


Make your kid's party extra special with matching thank you note cards to compliment your themed party invitation cards.


Add some fun and excitement to your baby shower with our baby shower game cards and baby shower invites.

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