Leigha Marina® produces delightful children's songs and nursery rhymes featuring adorable little penguin cartoon characters. Our engaging and educational content is designed to inspire young minds with carefully crafted animations and lyrics. We aim to provide a fun and enriching experience for children of all ages.

In February 2022, YouTube recognized our channel for its exceptional children's content, original music, and cartoon animations and awarded us the Silver Play Button. By April 2024, we had successfully reached one million subscribers and were honored with the YouTube Gold Play Button. Visit our YouTube channel at youtube.com/LeighaMarina to see our kid-friendly nursery rhymes and cartoon songs.

In addition to our music, we also offer a variety of fun products featuring our famous little penguins, including baby bibs, baby blankets, puzzles, onesies, t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and more fun merchandise for kids and adults. Whether you're a parent looking for fun things for your kids or a fan of Leigha Marina's cartoons and music, we have something for everyone.

Leigha Marina's Soft Toy Bebo The Penguin

Leigha Marina Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs, Vol. 1 Album
Apparel, Games, Toys, etc.

Apparel, Games, Toys, etc.


Cartoon Nursery Rhymes and Children's Music