6th month of pregnancy

Stages of pregnancyAs you enter your sixth month of pregnancy, it is natural to be more worried, but it is important to remain relaxed at this point. Remember that stress is one of the leading causes of premature birth. At six months, you may also be overly worried about your looks, as your body changes faster than ever, and hormonal changes may make body hair grow faster. Waxing and plucking are the best ways to remove these unwanted hairs, as hair-remover may not be suitable for your baby’s health.

What happens during the sixth month?

At six months, the baby is almost 30 cm in height and weighs around half a kg. At this stage, most women can feel the movement of the child. Heart sounds are clearly audible. The upper part of the uterus reaches the navel. The skin of the baby at this point is hairy and waxy. Though the baby is still sleeping most of the time, he/she may be woken up by specific sounds.

If a pregnancy terminates before 22 weeks, it is called a miscarriage or a spontaneous abortion. But if it is born by the end of the sixth month, it would be called an extremely preterm baby. Thanks to advances in medical care, many born by the end of six months may survive.

Measures to take

Though the intoxication that is characteristic of early pregnancy has long gone, now due to the increasing size of the uterus, some specific problems start to occur.


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As your baby grows, the hollow in your lower back becomes more pronounced, thus causing problems of the lower back and pelvis. Hence, you should avoid lifting heavy weights, though if you have to lift something up, do not bend your back but instead bend your knees. Avoid turning around by twisting your spine, instead use your feet. Wear flat and comfortable shoes. If you have a backache, a firm mattress and massage can help.  Severe pain may need physiotherapy.

Feeling hot or even dizzy

This happens due to hormonal changes occurring in your body. Always be careful when getting up. Wear loose clothes, keep your room cool, and frequently bathe to feel fresh.


Some women may get recurrent headaches. Thus, practice relaxation techniques and rest more often. Paracetamol is one of the drugs that is considered more or less safe in pregnancy, but it is best to consult a specialist before taking any medication.


It happens often during pregnancy, and you need not worry about it. It occurs as the pelvic muscles and ligaments relax in preparation for delivery.


Heartburn is caused due to hormonal changes in early pregnancy, and due to the growing size of the uterus in later pregnancy. It is caused due to the escaping of acid from the stomach to the tube that connects it to the mouth. To avoid heartburn, eat food in smaller portions, try to sit erect when eating, and avoid fried or spicy food that are known to cause acidity. A glass of milk may also help to relieve the symptoms. Antacids are generally safe in later pregnancy but should be used only after consultation with a specialist.

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Dr. Preet Bhinder (M.D.)

Dr. Preet is a family physician. He has been practicing medicine for the last 15 years and has a particular interest in maternal and child health. He understands the importance of a healthy pregnancy and its long-term effects on a child’s health. He is also a passionate writer.

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