9th month of pregnancy

Stages of pregnancySo now you are approaching the finish line of your incredible journey, and you are about to be blessed with the most significant gift by the almighty that humans can get. In this month, you will have mixed feelings of worry and excitement. You have already developed a specific relationship with your bump. Sometimes you may also feel the need to prepare the house for the newcomer; it is called “nest instinct.”

During this month pay particular attention to the kicks and movements of your baby. If you notice any change in the pattern, it may not be a bad idea to consult your doctor.

What happens during the ninth month?

By now the baby is quite mature, and if the baby is born early during this month the chances of survival are very high. During this month, the baby will continue to put on weight, and organs will continue to mature, especially the lungs which grow a lot. Your baby is anywhere between 2.5 to 3.5 kg now.

Ideally, a baby should be born within 40 weeks, but two weeks more or less is entirely acceptable.

Measures to take

During this month, your baby will slowly start fixing its head deep into the pelvis, and this will result in the frequent urge for urination, and some changes in the feeling in your legs is normal.

Towards the end of the pregnancy, you may notice an increase in vaginal discharge; it is entirely normal unless the discharge smells.

Your body is now fast preparing for labor. Thus, the feelings of contraction and relaxation will be more frequent.

During the last month, your doctor will take a smear from your vagina to exclude group B streptococcus. The healthcare provider may also take other measures like your body weight and blood pressure, as well as check the cervix to see if it has started to open.

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Signs of labor

Before labor it is common to feel the contractions of the uterus, and such contractions are called Braxton Hicks contractions. When you are close to your due date, such contractions will become regular and intensive. If a contraction lasts greater than 30 seconds and continues to intensify, it is quite possible that labor has started.

In the early hours of labor, the pink colored mucus plug in the cervix will come out of the vagina. It is called the “show.” There will be some blood mixed with the mucus. It is the plug that helped to keep your womb sealed during the pregnancy.

Water break- If you notice a sudden gust of water coming out, it means that the liquid that surrounds your baby has come out, and it is time to call your midwife.

Other things to know

If you have bleeding during this month, it is a dangerous sign and a reason for immediate concern, especially if the bleeding is massive and there is pain in the abdomen. There could be several reasons for that, and only a healthcare provider can advise you in such a situation.

Overdue pregnancy is not a reason for much concern. In most cases, overdue pregnancy is just because of miscalculation in the due date. All you should do is get enough rest, relax, keep counting the kicks to monitor your baby’s health, and keep looking for the signs of labor. In case you are really overdue, a doctor can induce labor.

About the author:
Dr. Preet Bhinder (M.D.)

Dr. Preet is a family physician. He has been practicing medicine for the last 15 years and has a particular interest in maternal and child health. He understands the importance of a healthy pregnancy and its long-term effects on a child’s health. He is also a passionate writer.

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