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Child Obesity PreventionThe problem of childhood obesity is an increasing problem worldwide, and it is a well-known proverb that “obesity is the mother of diseases.” Not only among adults, the obesity is also growing as a new fashion among kids as well. It has been observed in the recent research that the problem of obesity is increasing among children, and the ratio is increasing day by day. It is also observed over the past study that the problem of obesity is rising among children of early ages.

The children from 0-10 years of age are suffering from this problem. This is alarming for parents, and it is indispensable for them to control the cause and take the precautionary measures to control this dangerous disease. In this article, we are going to discuss childhood obesity prevention, but before considering the preventions, it is imperative to understand the causes of the obesity due to which it is increasing drastically.

Causes of Obesity

1. Intake of proper food:
The first feature of the increasing ratio of obesity is the improper intake of food. It is observed that the consumption of condensed and powdered milk is increasing among the children. This is a big reason which is making kids abnormally obsessed.

2. Consumption of junk food:
Most of the kids aged 5-10 like to eat junk food instead of a homemade meal. Along with that, due to busy lives, parents and caretakers bring packet food and junk foods to meet the food needs of children. All these foods contain artificial ingredients and steroids which cause the increase in weight.

Now, let's discuss how to overcome the complete food-related problems.


1. Healthy diet:
The parents should provide safe and healthy milk to their kids; they should consume naturally boiled milk. It is the foremost responsibility of the parents to keep the environment neat and clean for children.

2. Avoid junk food:
While providing food, fresh and hygienic homemade food should be provided to the kids, while you should strictly avoid fast food intake for children. Provide them good food and drinks, preferably homemade. Avoid junk food because it contains a lot of artificial flavors and colors and also a different type of steroids which is a crucial obesity cause.

3. Encourage outdoor activities:
The parents should allow their kids to perform physical activities like taking part in sports and games.

4. Fruits and vegetables:
Young children should also feed with healthy food especially healthy fruits are beneficial for the kids from the age of 0-4.

Children's Birthday Party Invitations5. Keep away from Technology:
Parents should not allow children to have an abnormal use of technology, because it is observed that the exposure of the technology use, like the excessive use of a computer, laptop, Xbox and many more devices, teaches bad nutrition to kids. So parents should also control this unhealthy habit of their children.

6. Mind activity:
To overcome the technology use, parents should involve their children in mind games and logic games; they should appreciate the participation of their kids in martial arts and other different kinds of sports.

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