2nd month of pregnancy

Stages of pregnancySo now you have entered the second month of your pregnancy, which means that the fertilized egg has been able to implant itself in your uterus successfully. That is quite good news, as in half of the cases the fertilized egg fails to implant itself on time and is thus flushed out during the ensuing period.

Once implanted, it starts growing at a faster pace, as the mother is already feeding it. In this stage, the embryo also starts secreting particular hormones to prevent menstrual cycles in the mother.

What happens during the second month?

It is a time when the embryo starts its journey from the size of a pin-head and grows to the extent that it exceeds a centimeter in size, including a stage of formation of organs. The neural tube develops into the brain and spinal cord. The embryo has wholly developed its placenta and amniotic sac. The nervous system in the second month really goes through fast growth, and your little one resembles a tadpole a bit as the brain is disproportionately large and the spinal cord is visible like a tail. In this stage, the heart starts beating and is visible on the ultrasound. Limbs are already budding, and there are small dimples on the side of the head that will ultimately become ears.

Measures to take

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As we mentioned before, it is a special time when there is growth and differentiation of various organs. It is a unique time, so extra attention should be given to whatever you eat. The most important thing to do at this stage is to have a healthy and balanced diet. Avoid unwanted medications or even herbal supplements, so that body receives only natural products.

Avoiding stress conditions and getting ample rest has particular importance at this stage.

Though the embryo has implanted itself and started growing, everything is very fragile at this stage. Thus, you should take extra care, especially if it is your first pregnancy or have an earlier history of failed pregnancy. Gentle exercises are good for your health but avoid intense physical activities. Plenty of outdoor activities are good for both of you.

It’s a month of hormonal changes. Thus, you may feel few differences. You may feel that you get constipated, therefore it is important to eat plenty of fresh fruits and drink enough water. If you feel tired, rest. Some women may get morning sickness (nausea or vomiting), in the morning or during the day.

It is natural to be worried at this stage, thus talk more often about your pregnancy with your partner or a friend.

If morning sickness is severe, then try some natural remedies. Ginger tea has been shown to be effective, as well as eating something that is sour like lemon water. You can also try some exercises or acupressure to make yourself feel better.

Medication therapy at this stage is only reserved for the most severe of cases. There are certain medications that the doctor may prescribe if morning sickness is too severe or it threatens the pregnancy itself.

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Dr. Preet Bhinder (M.D.)

Dr. Preet is a family physician. He has been practicing medicine for the last 15 years and has a particular interest in maternal and child health. He understands the importance of a healthy pregnancy and its long-term effects on a child’s health. He is also a passionate writer.

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