Rockabye Baby Lullaby Song: A Calming Lullaby for Babies

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"Rockabye Baby Lullaby" is a beloved nursery rhyme that has been soothing infants and young children to sleep for generations. The song, recreated and animated by Leigha Marina, features a gentle melody and calming lyrics that are perfect for bedtime or naptime.

The lyrics of the nursery rhyme tell the story of a child being rocked to sleep in a cradle on a treetop. As the wind blows, the cradle rocks gently, with the mother sitting nearby in a rocking chair. The song reassures the baby that they are safe and protected, with the mother ready to catch the cradle should it fall.

The lullaby also includes the comforting image of the baby being carried off to sleep on a soft cloud, watched over by angels as they rest peacefully. The song ends with the mother reassuring the baby that they have nothing to fear, and that she will always be near to watch over them.

"Rockabye Baby Lullaby" is a simple and soothing song that is perfect for helping young children drift off to sleep. Its gentle melody and calming lyrics make it a favorite among parents, caregivers, and young children alike. Whether it's being sung as a lullaby at bedtime or played softly in the background during naptime, this song is sure to bring a sense of peace and comfort to any child.

Here are the lyrics:

Rock-a-bye, baby
On the treetop
When the wind blows
The cradle will rock
If the bough breaks
The cradle will fall
But mama will catch you
Cradle and all

Baby is drowsing
Cozy and fair
Mother sits near
In her rocking chair
Forward and back
The cradle she swings
And though baby sleeps
He hears what she sings

Hush a bye baby
Up in the sky
On a soft cloud
it’s easy to fly
Angels keep watch
Over as you sleep
So hush a bye baby
Don’t make a peep

Rock a bye baby
Do not you fear
Never mind baby
Mother is near
Wee little fingers
Eyes are shut tight
Now sound asleep
Until morning light